How to define an experienced Lease-a-Coder

1. Head over to Rentacoder's search website page. Type in the specific talent you're trying to find in the website's "Hunt for" industry. If you need C++ skills, type in "C++". If you want flash layout expertise, type in "flash design and style". Then pre-filter the effects with the following criteria:

* Coder ranking. (We advise "9" and earlier mentioned. The rest implies "rising" skill and talent.)
* Completed occupation amount. (Uncover coders who've concluded not less than two - three Careers a month. If you'd like a coder with 1 yr of knowledge, enter 24 or 36. If you need a coder with five yrs practical experience, enter a hundred and twenty or a hundred and eighty.)
* Past log in day. (Solicit coders who've checked into the web site throughout the past thirty day period.)
* Top coder status. (Work with coders who are compelled to achieve recognition and keep it as soon as they get it.)
* Professional Rating status. (Discover coders who can show sufficient understanding.)
* Nation. (Get rid of language and syntax issues by working with native coders.)
* Time zone. (Avoid delays by soliciting coders in your personal time zone.)
* City. (Optional -- But a great option should there be a need to bodily fulfill someplace.)

two. Invite every one of the coders while in the ensuing search results to bid in your venture.

3. Order the listing of bid responses by the volume of Careers in development. Cover the coders that appear inundated with operate.

4. Take a look at coder work histories and find a position that is similar to your current bid ask for. Then Consider the comments for that work. If you don't see any similar jobs, move on to the next coder.

five. Request and evaluate sample operate in the coders that have built the Slice this significantly. Ensure the sample is a thing you'd obtain on your own.

six. If you're not happy with what you've got - something may very Hx Industrial Inkjet Printers well be wrong with the bid. Up the ante and supply more cash, a longer deadline, and/or maybe more creative independence. These 3 attributes **constantly** bring in better high-quality coders!

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